High quality spiral welded pipe provides the same or better service than longitudinal welded pipe. The more stringent international design piping codes allow the use of high quality spiral welded pipe in the most demanding operating conditions, assigning it, the highest weld joint factor.

High quality spiral welded pipe, has proven its reliability in many countries including Germany, France, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Mexico and more recently in the USA. These pipe is used for the transportation of oil, gas, sour gas, water, minerals, etc. The pipe complies with and exceeds APLI 5L ,ISO 3183 ASTM, AWWA and ISO 9001, norms and customer requirements. 

High quality spiral welded pipe offers the customer: structural integrity, precise diameters, closer tolerances for out of roundness and straightness, among other qualities.

The full penetration of high quality spiral welded pipe, added to the angle in which the weld seam is applied, is traduced into a superior structural integrity, which results in an excellent pipe performance, going beyond customers expectations.

Spiral welded pipe quality is assured by the use of high quality raw materials, a qualified welding procedure, and followed by a thorough inspection.

Spiral welded pipe can be supplied in odd and special diameters that gives the customer the chance to use the closest diameter to its needs.

Spiral welded pipe can be supplied in up to 100 foot lengths saving the customer field welding costs.

Spiral welded pipe technology is very versatile, it is possible to manufacture, in the same pipe mill, diameters from 20 to 120 inches, making large diameter high quality pipe accessible.

TUBESA´s high quality spiral welded pipe is competitive against longitudinal welded pipe.

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